New vision.  New Direction.

Investing in rural washington

If elected I will support rural Washington economics by investing in 21st Century infrastructure and clean energy, and by supporting small and local businesses.

It is time to do what is right for Washington state.  I will make certain your right to education, to vote, to marry, and to be treated equally are protected.  If elected I will ensure your freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom from discrimination are safeguarded.  Our waterways, farmlands, and state & national parks need to be preserved, and I will make certain this happens.  I will ensure from the day you are born to the day you die you will live a life of dignity, a life of liberty, and a life enjoying the pursuit of happiness.  Our lawmakers must put party lines and personal ideology aside to find solutions to some our states larger issues.  I answer only to you the people, and I promise to fight for you everyday.  I will be the voice you deserve.  




MY mission:

State Representative

District #15 Position 2



If elected I will support environmental stewardship by approving strategies that protect the environment and public health, and protect the Valley's precious water supply.


​​A.J. Cooper 



If elected I will support working individuals and families by protecting workers fundamental rights, expanding access to affordable housing, making debt-free college a reality, and ending systematic racism

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